Brian Howard Clough OBE was one of the most iconic and influential figures in English football. As a player, he was a prolific striker, finishing his career with an impressive record of more than 200 goals in 280 league appearances. However, his promising career was cut short by a serious injury that ended his time on the pitch and forced him to focus on his managerial skills.

Managerial Career

Clough went on to enjoy great success as a manager, famously leading two different teams to league title victories. He earned the reputation as a tough but fair coach who always put the needs of his players first, even at the expense of results on the field. Despite his many accomplishments and undeniable impact on the game, Clough remains humble and down-to-earth, even today. His legacy lives on in the hearts of fans everywhere, who continue to look up to this legendary icon with admiration and respect.


Brian Clough Life and Struggles

Brian Clough was born in 1944 and played for Middlesbrough and Sunderland as a striker. After a serious knee injury halted his career as a player, Clough went on to manage Derby County from 1967 to 1972. He then took over at Leeds United in 1974 but was sacked after just 44 days in charge. However, this did not deter Clough and he bounced back quickly, taking over at Nottingham Forest in 1975.

Life Time Achievements and Awards

Clough managed five different English clubs during his career, and his incredible record of achievements includes two league titles, the European Cup, three League Cups, and the Football League Manager of the Year award.

Despite all of this success, Clough remembers that it is important to stay grounded and focus on the most important things in life: family, friends, loyalty, and respect.

He was awarded Manager of the Year in 1978.

"It's been said that I'm opinionated. I'm not opinionated, I'm just right." - Brian Clough

Achievements As a Manager

2 European Cups, 2 Division One Championships, 4 League Cups, and 3 Manager of the Year awards: Brian Clough was a true icon in English football, known for his remarkable achievements and tireless dedication to his players. Despite all of this prestige and success, what truly defined Clough as an individual was his humility, loyalty, and respect for others. His legacy lives on today through the many fans.

Clough was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

"Respect is earned, it isn't given." - Brian Clough

Although Brian Clough's managerial career came to an end in 1993, his impact on the game of football is still felt today. His achievements and dedication to his players are an inspiration to all who love the sport and his down-to-earth. To get his iconic poster for you or for any of his fans just place your order.