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Paul Scholes's Poster

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Poster of Paul Scholes

There has never been a midfielder quite like Paul Scholes. He was the heartbeat of Manchester United for over a decade, and his skills on the pitch were second to none. Some people even argue that he is the best Manchester United player of all time. He was an incredible player both offensively and defensively, and he always seemed to make the right decision on the ball. In this blog post, we will take a look at Scholes' career and examine why he was such an important player for both Manchester United and England.

Scholes's Career

Paul Scholes spent his entire professional career at Manchester United. He began his career with Manchester United's youth team and made his professional debut for the club in 1992. He quickly established himself as a regular starter for United and helped the team win their first Premier League title in 1993. The following year, Scholes scored the winning goal in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. He continued to be a key player for United throughout the 1990s, and he played an important role in the team's success in both the Premier League and Champions League.

He made over 700 appearances for the club and scored over 150 goals. He won 11 Premier League titles, three FA Cups, two Champions League titles, and numerous other trophies. He was also included in the FIFA World XI on multiple occasions.

In addition to his success at Manchester United, Paul Scholes also had a very successful career with the England national team. He made over 60 appearances for England and was a key player in their midfield for many years. Although he never won a major tournament with England, he was still one of their most important players during his time with the national team.

In 2012, Scholes came out of retirement and rejoined Manchester United. He helped the team win the Premier League title that year, and he also played an important role in their run to the Champions League final.

Although he was no longer the player he once was, his experience and leadership were still invaluable to United. He retired for the second time in 2013, but he remains an iconic figure at the club.

Paul Scholes has been working as a pundit for Sky Sports and BT Sport since he retired from playing in 2013. He has also written two books about his career. In 2017, he became the co-owner of Salford City FC, a semi-professional football club in England.

Scholes's Playing style and why he is the best Manchester United Midfielder

Paul Scholes was a very technical player. He was known for his passing ability, and he was also an excellent free-kick taker. His vision and passing were some of the best in the world, and he always seemed to find space on the pitch. He wasn't the quickest player, but his intelligence and awareness more than made up for it.

Scholes was also a very consistent player. He didn't have many bad games, and he always showed up when it mattered most. In the big games, Scholes was always one of United's best players.

There are many reasons why Paul Scholes is considered to be the best Manchester United midfielder ever. First, he was an excellent player both offensively and defensively. He could score goals, create chances for his teammates, and he was also a very good defender. Second, he was a world-class midfielder who played at the highest level for over a decade. Third, he was an extremely consistent player who always showed up in the big games. And fourth, he is one of the few Manchester United players to have won the Champions League twice.

There are many other great midfielders who have played for Manchester United, but Paul Scholes is undoubtedly the best.

Paul Scholes Poster